Wed | will Will marry Mary?

Just returned from a great weekend in the bay, which included my good friend Mary’s beautiful wedding in the Berkeley hills. I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement photos a while back and they are truly a riot to be around! I will truly miss them when they move up north and leave the coolidge house behind. Such a joy to be around, these two. THANK YOU for all of the laughs and the great times!

Here are a few of the favorite photos that came out of the great weekend. And at the bottom, an engagement photo for their guestbook page bringing it full circle. Love it when that happens!


4 thoughts on “Wed | will Will marry Mary?

  1. H.a.m. says:

    Back from France and ready to… dance?

    I love these pictures, Rich!!! Thank you for being super talented and sharing your work with us. Remind me to stop smiling wi my double chin…. It’s not flattering. Gotta work on my modeling skills I guess.

  2. rjpblog says:

    thanks mary!
    @annie – added that one in =)

  3. Annie says:

    amazing photos… didn’t put one that i really like on there though….

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