Wed | Carmen and Drew

I shot photo/video for Carmen and Drew’s wedding today in Oak Glen with Martin Ngo Photography. The details (and the couple) were absolutely gorgeous! Everyone was insanely happy and everything was destined to come out beautifully!

So beautifully in fact, that a certain faux-tographer stole some of my and Martin’s images from today’s wedding and used them in their own as advertising, with their logo on them! They’ve been asked to cease and remove images that aren’t theirs from their website, ads, and facebook pages. I try to think of it as “flattery”, but I don’t get how people can think that’s ok. Their clients will hire them based on my eye, but won’t be getting it, nor will they get my service nor my experience. It’s the client that loses out, here!

Anyways, here are some of my favorite detail shots from today. I had a fantastic time capturing their day!

Congrats, Carmen and Drew!

Photography / Videography: Martin Ngo Photography

Photography / Videography: Rich Jhong Photo