Meet me at Shortiey’s

I was asked to help showcase some interior designs of an up-and-coming designer who I’d known for more than 13 years now. She’s also one of the only people my age who is shorter than me!

Sarah showed me some really interesting stuff of hers and showed what a natural she is at this stuff! Hire her NOW!

Lighting came from the lamps in the rooms as well as a single off-camera 430EXII to enhance emphasis directed by my special LB (light beotch) for the night. Had a great time and looking to work with her a lot more!

Teasers only, as the full features will be shown on the company’s gallery.

1 thought on “Meet me at Shortiey’s

  1. sarah says:

    awwh! thanks rich for the shout out! we will def work together more in the future. =) i’ll need your help in a few months to take photos of my client’s place in torrance. then we can go to my fav restaurant there!

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