Wed | Linda and Ha

I’ve been asked why I enjoy being a Wedding Photographer so much, especially when I’m working on my feet all day, often for longer than 12 hours, and when the extra work hours before / after are very significant for each client.

My answer has always been simply that because I get to be a MAJOR part of my clients’ BIG day! I get to be a part of their laughing and their crying, families and friends reuniting for a joyous occasion. A culmination of sometimes more than a year of planning results in today, and I get to capture priceless photographs as their souvenirs. These photographs record the happy memories long after the cake has molded, long after the gifts get lost, even long after the wedding dress gets eaten by moths. My photographs will even remain long after the couple has come and gone. This is why I consider each wedding I shoot as a personal honor, and each one pushes me to perform beyond my capabilities. I want to work that hard, for my clients: my friends.

And Linda and Ha’s wedding with Martin Ngo Photography in Fountain Valley today was no exception. Yes it was a LONG day (16-hours, in fact), but among all of the craziness I found myself feeling extremely grateful that I get to be here, taking part in one of their most important days ever. It was so much fun!

We went to all kinds of places that mattered to them: like tea ceremony at a house that the groom designed, photos at Anaheim Angels Stadium, and even Huntington Central Park to play sports. I love when couples want to do fun stuff like that! Even better, they traveled to each location in STYLE, with a PARTY BUS! Their reception featured performances from a Mariachi band, AND a Lion dance team! Awesome!

Enjoy some highlights of Linda and Ha’s full wedding day!


Hotel: Ayres Hotel, Fountain Valley

Church: St. Columbian Church, Garden Grove

Venue: The Villa, Westminster

Photographer Team: Thao Vu Photography

Videography: Martin Ngo Photography

Videography: Rich Jhong Photo