I was asked super-last minute to assist in a shoot today. I accepted because it was an opportunity to work with someone I’ve wanted to work with for a while now. Only, I wasn’t aware that it was a wedding shoot until I was already halfway there!

When I found that out and that I needed to wear something wedding-appropriate, I first thought.. well should I turn back, change, and be late to the wedding? Hmm, no that wouldn’t be good.  Ok, maybe I should buy some clothes at a store near the location, but I’m not familiar with the location enough to know if there are any stores around to buy any. Calls to friends in the area.. no answer. It turns out I was close enough to the photog’s size that I could use a set of his clothes. Sweet! Got to the location, changed in my car, and we headed off to the site. But… why were all of the guests standing outside? And what was that piercing noise coming out of the building we were supposed to be shooting in?

That’s right, someone had pulled the fire alarm at their wedding. The groom thinks it was an uninvited wedding guest that pulled it. Poor guy was standing there sweating bullets. I introduced myself, congratulated him, and attempted to comfort someone who obviously thought that his entire world was crashing down around him.

We shot the details while people were waiting for the alarm to be shut off. Here was my chance to ask him anything I ever wanted to know about photographing weddings. But really, I just wanted to watch him work: what he shot/how he shot it.

When the alarm finally got shut off and guests got settled in, we got started with the ceremony. He shot from the front while I ran support from the back. Nice small ceremony with a close friend as the officiant. Afterwards, we took the family for formal portraits. Here’s where I’ve found myself brain-farting before. Not T-man though, he knew exactly what he wanted and where to get it today.

And once we were done with the portraits, we were done for the night! Shoot&Burn wedding. T-man explained that with the economy now, he’s had to strip his services down and offer packages that couples would want in times like these. Makes sense.

Had a productive day, and I’m eager to see how the photos came out!

PS – I got a chance to shoot his 70-200mm f2.8 VR and found that focal range to be pretty darn useful as a 2nd shooter. As a first, though, I’d rather stay with mostly shooting wide.

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  1. Daniel says:

    My 70-200 is pretty much fused to my camera body. It’s probably around a ratio of 3:1 70-200:16-35.

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