I had the pleasure of helping to shoot Char and Sam’s wedding this weekend in VEGAS! Sure it was a long-ass day, driving up from LA and going straight to the groom’s suite to start shooting, but it was good times! Lots of eating of course, my 2nd favorite thing to do in public!

Ceremony at the Paris chapel didn’t have much ambient light, but the mkdeuce had no problems at all. 1600 ISO and the sensor didnt even break a sweat. Reception was at a very poorly lit restaurant, however. 12,600 ISO got the job done, but also introduced a disappointing amount of grain for the mkdeuce.  I had never needed to push it that high before, but it’s good to know that even a notch before the max ISO, the noise starts becoming unreasonable. Sure, I could use 3rd party programs to deal with the noise afterward, but I’d rather not shoot beyond what the camera was made to handle. I just wish for something like the mkdeuce, that threshold was a little bit higher.

Anyways, congrats to the couple, who are going off to do TWO MORE weddings in other cities! Here are some of the hits from the weekend.