The quality of the photos and the shots taken are absolutely wonderful.
July 9, 2015

I’m not from anywhere around this area. Yelp is what actually led me to Rich, and I was definitely satisfied. He helped me to arrange a last minute (week) covert photo shoot for when I popped the question to my (now) fiancée. Rich was very, very helpful. Not being from the area, I wasn’t even in the area to arrange. I picked a location blind (well, with some help from pictures and reviews I found online) and Rich even scouted/arranged the shot! We even got the photos much earlier than expected, and the video came right on time for our follow up celebration with friends. The quality of the photos and the shots taken are absolutely wonderful. Thanks for all the help Rich. Would recommend!

Posted on Yelp, 5/23/2015

“He really knows how to capture that special moment!”
January 3, 2015

Wow…where do I start?? I met Rich at a wedding he was shooting and decided to book a headshot/fashion portfolio shoot with him. First things first, I was blown away at how incredibly nice and professional he was!! He answered all my questions and concerns and made my experience of shooting with him so painless! He took his time with each and every set up and made sure to get a variety of angles! At the end of it all, we ended up shooting about 5-6 looks, including headshots and some fashion portfolio modeling looks. I was impressed with all of them!! Waaaaay too many good ones to choose from!!

In addition to that, his turnaround time is ridiculous!! He’s so fast! He delivers quality images at such a fast pace! Its pretty incredible!

And his wedding photos are so great!!! He really knows how to capture that special moment! I will definitely be sending his info to anyone I know in need of a great, reliable photographer for their wedding, event or pretty much anything since he does it all!

I would definitely recommend him for all your photographic needs!


11/25/2014 on Yelp

“You can definitely see that he is passionate about what he does”
January 3, 2015

I’m a makeup artist that has worked with Rich on several fashion & inspirational shoots.  He is an amazingly talented person to work with!  He is an extremely sweet, patient, and mellow person.  Rich is also always up for trying new and creative shoots.  And he not only handles every shoot with the utmost professionalism, but he takes his time to execute the perfect shot using his own lighting techniques.

As a makeup artist,  I love the fact that his images are minimally altered/re-touched because it shows the natural beauty of person instead of looking overly photo-shopped.

I have also seen some photographers that focus too much on scenery, that they lose sight of the actual person in the photo.  However, in Rich’s photographs I love that he makes the subject the main focal point.  In fact, he focuses on bringing out the natural beauty of a person, rather than having them get lost in the background.  If you look at his images, you can definitely see that he is passionate about what he does.  And for that, I highly recommend him!


3/16/2014 on Yelp

“It’s very hard to find quality photographers who are open to the vision that you have”
January 3, 2015

Rich has been the best, and most easy going photographer I’ve ever worked with for my jewelry shoots. It’s very hard to find quality photographers who are open to the vision that you have, as most photographers are usually very particular with how they prefer things to look.

Rich has a very open mind and will always do his best to achieve the vision that you want for your photographs, and will also do an excellent job at it. I am very fortunate to find this great photographer and look forward to creating more artistic photographs with him for my  jewelry line.


3/6/2013 on Yelp

“He made me very comfortable and had a great sense of humor putting me at ease”
January 3, 2015

Rich helped me and my wife out with some professional head shots that we both needed for our respective business and jobs. I have never been very photogenic, nor can even be considered anything close to a natural model (Well, I guess it depends on what kind of model).

For people who watch or are familiar with “Friends”, when I smile for pictures, I feel like Matthew Perry’s character (Chandler Bing). My smile in my pictures are rarely natural and my I also feel like I look bad.

With Rich, he is a very down to earth, easy guy to work with. He made me very comfortable and had a great sense of humor putting me at ease for the session. The end result was that I got very natural looking photos, had a great time, and was a very happy client.

He also has a great eye for the perfect “shot”. Even with something as dull and “corporate” as head shots, he was able to give us some variety with different looks and feels to pick from. I am very impressed and happy with the results. The turn around time was also quick, and my wife and I were given access to our proofs  earlier than the estimated time frame he had promised us. Rich is responsive, and has always answered my inquires promptly.

I also had the pleasure of looking at some of his other work (for his other clients), which included weddings and product photograph and was also very impressed indeed. Looking at some of these other reviews, I apparently am not the only one.

If you are looking for a photographer, he is definitely a worthwhile candidate for you to consider. You’ll know what I mean once you meet him.


2/23/2013 on Yelp

“He took me from nervous train wreck to corporate super star within just moments”
January 2, 2015

Rich shot my corporate head shots (Nov 2011) within hours of contacting him with an unbelievably tight deadline. He took me from nervous train wreck to corporate super star within just moments. He is extremely professional and accommodating. He has a way about him that makes any shoot fun and relaxed. We reviewed photos that very same evening and had re touches completed within a couple short hours, with photos to send off by morning. I continue to receive numerous compliments on his work.

He’s the sort of photog that makes you feel completely comfortable in your own skin. I rarely if ever do professional photo shoots and shooting solo can be so nerve wrecking for me but Rich really captures the best of you while making you feel at ease in front of the lens. He shoots with great music and lighting – quick and easy set up and I’ve seen him on location numerous times before. He will work a room/event with you hardly noticing he is there while capturing everything in it’s purest, most natural form.

I am eagerly awaiting shooting some really fun, creative stuff with him as I am constantly coming to him with ideas that I know he will make come to life.

I highly recommend him for all of your photography needs: head-shots, corporate events, food, small business, family, kids, holiday, engagement, sporting events, wedding, boudoir – you name it!!! I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

Plain and simple Rich Jhong is one of the BEST!!!

Give him a call for your consultation and photo needs ASAP, you can thank me later 🙂


2/21/2013 on Yelp

“You don’t find many vendors like this any more”
January 2, 2015

If you are a nervous, fidgety, or scattered Bride, you will love Rich Jhong.

No matter how I slice and dice our engagement period, I realized that Rich Jhong has an unbelievable amount of patience, perseverance, integrity and an overall calming and soothing aura about him, all served with a side of happy.

From the beginning of our Engagement Shoot to follow up (lol, it’s been 2 years now and he still hasn’t gotten rid of me), he’s been a rock to me and my husband.

Questions and Requests like:

Please don’t make my back look fat!
Can you hold my dog?
Please don’t get my chins, chins, chins!
You must get all the details!!!
Please help me carry our Engagement Session Props (4 boxes!)
Please get my good side (which is no side)!
Here is my Pinterest Board of must have Pictures, gimme gimme gimme!
Can you pet my dog?
Please I can’t decide, can you just retouch 1,500 out of 2,000 images from my wedding?
And finally, please retouch these 5 images by X date (because I f’ed up by asking you so late in the game, those Groupon Expiration dates I tell ya!).

Nothing fing fazes this man.

Don’t even get me started on the album, it took me a year to decide on which pictures to have Rich retouch.

And we still haven’t even picked the images for our album, which means Rich is going to have me around for another year… Sorry Rich, we probably should have tipped you more!

If anything he smiles and then asks for more like when we should start the album. *drags feet to Rich*

Rich is also talented at stylizing photos, ie: adjust his camera so he doesn’t get unsightly back drops in images, re-position props, etc. He will gather you from your wedding (bar) for a photo shoot just when the sun is in the perfect position for that glorious hazy sunset glow. Rich is also on Pinterest which is totally handy for any wedding vendor.

You don’t find many vendors like this any more, the ones that are patient with clients, pursue perfection, have integrity in their work, are calming and soothing, served with a side of wants to make you happy.


2/20/2013 on Yelp

“His innovative, quick thinking and articulate ability to get the perfect shot was refreshing and addicting”
January 2, 2015

After working with Rich, I couldn’t wait to express what a pleasure it was to partner up with him and his Team.

As a Wedding Coordinator, I was astounded by the level of professionalism that Rich and his entire Team had. They were prompt, mindful and very respectful of the timeline that was created. He appreciated every detail that went into the timeline and really stuck true to it.

He was genuine and had such a great aura/vibe that really set the mood for the day. His ability to make the Bride and Groom feel comfortable allowed for classic, candid and timeless photos (and those were the unedited photos!)

It was chilling how his creative mind was translating! It was as if every view within his eye is seen in a frame. What he see’s, I DEFINITELY don’t. One example: As the Bride and Groom were dodging and maneuvering around duck poop near the lake, he managed to capture the nano second of grace they had doing it. I personally think that may have been the shot of the day– and that was him just patiently waiting!

His innovative, quick thinking and articulate ability to get the perfect shot was refreshing and addicting. I can’t wait to refer, refer and refer Rich!

Looking forward to working with you, RICH! Like EVERY DAY PLEASE!


9/30/2014 on Yelp

“His talent and passion for photography is obvious”
January 2, 2015

Words can’t express how incredibly impressed I am with Rich Jhong! His talent and passion for photography is obvious the minute you start shooting with him, and the photos speak for themselves! He has an incredible eye, a gift for capturing people in their best light–and best of all, he makes it fun and easy from beginning to end. He’s very professional yet relaxed, while bringing creative energy to the shoot, and is dedicated to making sure he’s got the perfect shot before moving on! He’s the BEST!


9/7/2014 on Yelp 

“No one I trust more to capture the important moments in life.”
January 2, 2015

Oh man, I can’t say enough about Rich’s photography work. He just has an artistic eye that can’t be taught, a real natural talent.

His work essentially launch my entire marketing campaign for snowpiffs shavery. The pictures were not only professionally done, but it was artfully beautiful. I sent him a couple pictures of the type of photography I like. He knew exactly what I wanted without me going into great detail and the pictures came out far better than I had ever envisioned.

He’s definitely got my business for life. No one I trust more to capture the important moments in life.


2/21/2013 on Yelp

“When I get married in Tahiti… I’m taking him with me!!!”
January 2, 2015

Rich made me look absolutely stunning.  Every time anyone has a chance to view the photos he’s taken of me, their first comment is “Wow, you’re so photogenic, you should be a model.” Then I firmly state: “Er, it’s not me, it’s the photographer.”  He was very patient and he has a gentle way about coaxing me to try different poses or add on more makeup, since he knew that the it would enhance my features.

My photos came out so well that my sister decided to hire him for her wedding, and even in the Washington dreary weather, the photos came out amazing.  We had a great time taking the photos in different locations.  He was also very patient throughout the day.  As Vietnamese weddings start out early in the morning and don’t end til late at night.

When I get married in Tahiti… I’m taking him with me!!! 🙂


2/20/2013 on Yelp


“Rich takes his time and is extremely patient”
January 2, 2015

Rich is a wonderful photographer and extremely genuine! He did a holiday session with my niece and nephew and captured the perfect moments. Rich takes his time and is extremely patient.  When the kids started to get restless he suggested we bring in cookies and milk! They loved that idea and we were instantly back on track!

Needless to say, the pictures turned out great. I would highly recommend Rich Jhong Photography for any occassion!


2/26/2013 on Yelp

“He did so much more than we asked him to”
December 26, 2014

We hired Rich Jhong as an additional photographer  to shoot our destination wedding in Las Vegas.  He is incredibly professional and fun to be around.  He captured so many of the little details of our wedding so perfectly (even in low lighting)!

He did so much more than we asked him to– and his pictures were far and away my favorites from the day.  I was jealous and wished that I had him as our main photographer because my husband and his groomsmen have fabulous pics– and all the bridal pics are just OK  (except for the ones Rich was able to get during the ceremony and reception).   Rich also got us our pictures back quickly (compared to our other photographer– who was about a month later).

I’d hire Rich again in a second.  His pictures are beautiful and he’s great to work with– especially on such a special day!


2/20/2013 on Yelp