“You don’t find many vendors like this any more”

If you are a nervous, fidgety, or scattered Bride, you will love Rich Jhong.

No matter how I slice and dice our engagement period, I realized that Rich Jhong has an unbelievable amount of patience, perseverance, integrity and an overall calming and soothing aura about him, all served with a side of happy.

From the beginning of our Engagement Shoot to follow up (lol, it’s been 2 years now and he still hasn’t gotten rid of me), he’s been a rock to me and my husband.

Questions and Requests like:

Please don’t make my back look fat!
Can you hold my dog?
Please don’t get my chins, chins, chins!
You must get all the details!!!
Please help me carry our Engagement Session Props (4 boxes!)
Please get my good side (which is no side)!
Here is my Pinterest Board of must have Pictures, gimme gimme gimme!
Can you pet my dog?
Please I can’t decide, can you just retouch 1,500 out of 2,000 images from my wedding?
And finally, please retouch these 5 images by X date (because I f’ed up by asking you so late in the game, those Groupon Expiration dates I tell ya!).

Nothing fing fazes this man.

Don’t even get me started on the album, it took me a year to decide on which pictures to have Rich retouch.

And we still haven’t even picked the images for our album, which means Rich is going to have me around for another year… Sorry Rich, we probably should have tipped you more!

If anything he smiles and then asks for more like when we should start the album. *drags feet to Rich*

Rich is also talented at stylizing photos, ie: adjust his camera so he doesn’t get unsightly back drops in images, re-position props, etc. He will gather you from your wedding (bar) for a photo shoot just when the sun is in the perfect position for that glorious hazy sunset glow. Rich is also on Pinterest which is totally handy for any wedding vendor.

You don’t find many vendors like this any more, the ones that are patient with clients, pursue perfection, have integrity in their work, are calming and soothing, served with a side of wants to make you happy.


2/20/2013 on Yelp