“When I get married in Tahiti… I’m taking him with me!!!”

Rich made me look absolutely stunning.  Every time anyone has a chance to view the photos he’s taken of me, their first comment is “Wow, you’re so photogenic, you should be a model.” Then I firmly state: “Er, it’s not me, it’s the photographer.”  He was very patient and he has a gentle way about coaxing me to try different poses or add on more makeup, since he knew that the it would enhance my features.

My photos came out so well that my sister decided to hire him for her wedding, and even in the Washington dreary weather, the photos came out amazing.  We had a great time taking the photos in different locations.  He was also very patient throughout the day.  As Vietnamese weddings start out early in the morning and don’t end til late at night.

When I get married in Tahiti… I’m taking him with me!!! 🙂


2/20/2013 on Yelp