Fashion | Stella & Jamie featuring Sonia Hou Couture Jewelry

I did a fantastic test shoot in the studio today with the always stylish Sonia Hou Couture Jewelry and the extremely classy Stella & Jamie apparel. I’ve been able to shoot with Sonia before, and was doubly excited to be offered the opportunity to shoot with Stella & Jamie as well! I was really pleased to see how well the jewelry and apparel pieces went together. Don’t they look like they belong together? Fantastic looks!

I also took the opportunity to enable some incredibly talented individuals to hone their craft and further develop their skills with this shoot. It was truly great guiding them and watching their passion and confidence grow with every look! A fantastic team that I am looking forward to working with again soon!

Great shoot, team! Some of my favorite studio looks below.

Models: Elizabeth Keene, Joanne Chiang
Stylist: Elizabeth Keene
Photographers: Rich Jhong PhotographyDonald Martin Photography
Makeup Artist: Erica Holly Li
Hair Stylist: Christina McDonald
Jewelry Designer: Sonia Hou
Clothing Designer: Stella & Jaime