Poll: Sarah or Celine?

Here’s your chance to change the rest of someone’s life. This adorable little girl doesn’t have an english name yet. Parents were thinking either Sarah or Celine. Which one do you think she looks more like? Put it in the comments!

She is such a happy baby, and so smart already! Definitely a daddy’s girl who smiled whenever the strobe went off. Grandma also made some real authentic KBBQ dinner, so it was a great night!

Lighting was one bare AB800 at 1/4 power aimed up at the ceiling.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Sarah or Celine?

  1. sarah says:

    sarah. definitely, a sarah. AND make sure its with an “h” at the end. just looks better balanced.

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m sam’s sister– thank you for providing these photos, they look amazing. I should’ve asked you if I can receive a compressed folder of all the photos before I went ahead and started manually saving every image

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