Fashion Blogger | Jennifer Chan

I had a fun-filled day shooting new headshots for E! Online Style Expert and Fashion Blogger Jennifer Chan today. What a classy lady! She’s so intelligent, motivating, and inspiring. It was an honor to be able to spend time with her, doing what we both love.

We started in the studio with some high-key looks, where she got right to it, it was awesome! She hit the ground running, I had to catch up with her! So much fun!

After the studio, we went exploring around Elysian Park and found some cool woodsy spots at golden hour. Gorgeous!

Following that was some more studio time, this time with my DIY lightbanks with a punch of color. Stunning catchlights in Jenn’s pretty eyes! Why did that day have to end??!!

I even had the fabulous Sarah Liz Photo assist me. What an amazing day!

I’m really looking forward to what Jenn has in store for her future. She’s my new hero!


Fashion Blogger/Stylist: Jennifer Chan

Photography: Rich Jhong Photo

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Santibanez