I got together with Ashley of ANS Photography to shoot some beauty shots in the studio today. It was great to have a photographer/model to talk shop with in between frames!

I used the ABR ringlight as the hairlight on high camera right, and one AB strobe on straight camera left, inside a 30″ softbox. We ran into some issues when trying to trip the strobes with my background speedlght on the floor behind her: the key strobe was inconsistent at firing at the right time. It would always fire, but it didn’t always fire while the shutter was open. What we would sometimes get was a backlit model (hairlight and background speedlight), or a completely dark frame.  I ended up ditching the background speedlight and using cybersyncs to fire them and all was well after that. I think the light from the speedlight took too long to bounce around the studio and get to the AB sensors, so obviously the cybersyncs did their job well.