Went on a photo hike at Temescal today. Haven’t gotten out to do that in a while, so it was good to get out there and get hiking!

Last time I went out on one of these, I took the throwaway kit lens with me, and the shots actually came out decently. So this time I used the Tammy 24-75 f/2.8, just for fun. Plus, it hasn’t had much use since my new gear came in, and it also wasn’t very heavy. So all pluses in my book for a photo hike.

The weather started off nice and crisp, sunny and not too hot. We get most of the way up, and we can see the clouds and fog start coming in. Uh oh, its coming in fast, and we’re losing light! We climb higher to capture the sunset and we get there just in time!

Here are some photos where I feel the weather dictated the mood of each frame.