As you may know, I love the how-I-met-him stories and how they turned into engagements. And Dione and K have a rather amusing one! So, K is a police officer. Police officers pull cars over all the time. K pulled Dione over.

Yep, K pulled his future wife over for driving with a headlight out! Ok, well they technically knew of each other before this, but they hadn’t seen each other or talked in years!

Anyways, so we went to the park where they had their “walking date” followed by “the talk”. It was great how the normally stoic Officer K turns to mush when Dione is around. I’ve known K for several years now, and I’ve never seen him smile as much as he does now. Great job, Dione! =)

Here are some of their photos from their e-session in Lacy Park. Looking forward to having a great time shooting their wedding!